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Mdb Hospitality Services Llc
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256 Winchester Street
Boston, MA 02461
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2 Reviews
Michael Stand
Make sure you do a background check. Dozens of larceny charges. Beat me for 17g. One star for a career criminal. Check turtleboy reviews
Jenny Cole
Ruined our wedding! This man took us for everything. He asked for final payment 3 weeks before our wedding. It was due on our wedding day so we thought that was weird. We called all our vendors to made sure he'd paid them with our money. They had either never heard of him or he had defaulted on payment and they'd cancelled our contract. Every single vendor. Now our wedding is ruined and we have to cancel it with family flying in from all over the country. We're out thousands and thousands of dollars. Please don't let his happen to you. Stay away!

Mdb Hospitality Services Llc - Catering & Food

Service Styles:

We offer an incredible selection of fine wines, beers, and liquors. Allow our experts to plan, combine and organize the scotches, tequila, beer or wine with your wedding receptions specified menu. Our bartenders are professionally trained, passionate and knowledgeable in their craft. We can even customize a cocktail to be a remembrance of your big day. 

When arranging beverages for your next event, we offer three packages for our discerning clients that include a variety of spirits, beers and wines. We provide convenient ways to purchase both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and have spent a devoted amount of time creating these specialty packages so if there is a substitution to be made, there may be a fee associated with any changes. 

Our service offers a number of highly trained specialists including everything from Wine Specialists, Tequila Specialists, and Scotch Specialists to Beer and Bourbon Specialists. Our specialists can also provide a private tasting experience.

We maintain a $6 million liquor liability policy that allows us to operate at the most exclusive of venues. We like to ensure you that your venue, be it your own home or somewhere abroad, is covered.

Located in Boston, MA