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Irvine, CA 92614
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Balloonzilla - Decorations

The idea for Balloonzilla started over eleven years ago after a party here in Orange County.  Marla noticed the incredible magical balloons in each of the centerpiece bouquets and fell in love!  There was so much attention to detail and colorful fun in the balloons provided for this event. She became obsessed with these amazing balloons,  after one day of volunteering for him. Two weeks later, their young family moved from Nevada to Orange County to buy the balloon shop that would one day become Balloonzilla. We have grown into a team of balloon designers and experts along with our favorite mascot, our dog, Scout.


Our shop has changed over the years, while the balloons just keep getting better. It’s been wonderful to serve our customers and bring an extra layer of fun and beauty to their parties and special events. We’re committed to exploring the latest designs and technology to create the best balloons around. But above all else, Balloonzilla is here to bring joy and happiness to you and everyone at your event.


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Located in Irvine, CA