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Marty G., Magician

Los Angeles, CA

1 (310) 972-9542
Contact: Marty Gorman
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Los Angeles Magic Act
Torrance, CA 90501
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Marty G., Magician - Magic Entertainment


MartyG is a Los Angeles-based award-winning magician who will bring smiles, laughter, and wonder to your corporate events, birthday parties, picnics and other happy events in Los Angeles through MAGIC!


MartyG's magic is suitable for corporate events, private parties, picnics, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs and other events.

MartyG offers stage shows and close-up magic as he strolls from table to table, inviting your guests to participate in magical happenings.

MartyG's magic show is family-friendly, appropriate for adults and kids (6 years and older).

Funny and engaging, MartyG spins tales and captivates audiences with his magical prowess. Your guests will smile, laugh and be mystified with his magic and humor.

Unlike some other magicians and given the interactive nature of magic, every MartyG performance is a bit different depending upon audience response and level of participation. He's great at improv and works what's in the moment. And he'll customize his magic act for each party or event.

MartyG offers reasonable rates and convenience for the party host or event planner. No hidden fees, broken promises, or headaches.

Located in Torrance, CA