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Favorite Proposals

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I was watching some proposal videos on the internet, seeking some amazing idea to write about, and was unsuccessful in my seeking. However, I did watch some really cute proposals and figured I'd share them with you. Ladies, read this article with your man sitting next to you:




1. Best scavenger hunt ever! Those tear-jerker proposals where the guy organizes the entire plan so all her closest friends and family are a part of it without her even knowing whats really going on - ugh - those always get me - not to mention a winery, yes, get me drunk:



2. The Musical performances - Just another day in the car with Bae - funny and unexpected… just imagine being her! HAHAHAHA - He’s dropping “F-bombs” making her so appalled. Lol! Look at her face! She’s pissed! And then the beauty unravels…



3. How about this fairytale proposal!! I swear, I ADORE creative minds like this!! It's SO Swede! I mean sweet!




4. Firstly, don’t EVER fake a fight with someone or an injury to propose to me, please! I’ll be the first to ruin the whole thing by jumping in on the fight or calling an ambulance!



5. Magic will ALWAYS win me over! Here come the tears again, gah - choking up.



6. Oh no, see, I would be yelling at the cops and we’d probably both REALLY get arrested - then you'll have to decide if you still want to propose to me, in jail.



7.  She friend zoned him, then he showed her the world...I love how straight-forward this girl is though - “I was just being sassy again..” :-D Hah!



8. The fact he even LEARNED the dance moves would be enough to make me fall to my face! How cute!



9. I love painting and I love surprises! This would be really fun!



10. I can't even see what I'm typing right now, my eyes are so watery! Gah! Thepictures, this guy nailed it.




Do it on my birthday, or on our anniversary or some day where it seems like the surprise is just because it's a holiday. That way I won't be thinking about a proposal, I'll just be thinking "all this special stuff for my birthday! Awesome!" and then BAM, proposal. :-D Yea! Oh ya, and make sure you verify my ring size with my sister, annnnnnddddd that's all I got for ya!





What is your dream proposal?
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