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Social Graces, LLC Wedding Planner, Invitations & Calligraphy

Wedding Coordinator in Northern New Jersey and surrounding areas.

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Morristown, NJ 07960
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3 Reviews
Fran could not have been more helpful on our wedding day and throughout the entire planning process. I was the first in my family to get married and it was definitely overwhelming at the beginning. When I met Fran, my stress was cut in half! The quality of her services is excellent, she kept me on schedule and on track with ordering invitations, placecards, church programs, etc. and her kindness, advice and support throughout allowed me to relax and enjoy the experience so much more. I would highly recommend Fran to any of my family or friends when it comes time for their weddings. She was truly a godsend! Nicole ...
Thank you so much . It was a pleasure working with you, even to see the trust you put in us to send the cards without the final payment. May you and your business be blessed.
James N.
Thank you so much Fran for everything! You were such a big help throughout the process especially on the big day.
I appreciate your constant support and beautiful words.
It is an honor to hear you say that our ceremony was the most beautiful you have seen that makes me smile!!
Mika Michael and Milan

Social Graces Invitations & Calligraphy - Wedding Services

Planning and coordinating a wedding can be an extremely hectic process. We can handle every detail or you may need just one consultation to get started. Sometimes it is a good idea to talk to a consultant about your plans. We have sat down with many future brides that were very nervous about their big day.

We are told by many that after discussing their plans with us they felt very relaxed and less tense about planning their wedding. Some brides and grooms want to plan their wedding themselves, but might need help with invitations, calligraphy, wedding programs or rehearsal and wedding day services. You may want a romantic or simple wedding or maybe a elegant, formal or traditional or fun wedding. That is fine with our company. Whatever you need, we are here for you. We will always stay within your budget.

Prices for Rehearsal and Wedding Day Services start at $295. Prices for planning an entire wedding start at $1,000.                                                                            

Wedding Planning Advice:
When ordering wedding invitations make sure you buy an outer and inner envelope. You may write "and Guest" on the inner envelope. It should not be added to the outer envelope.

Located in Morristown, NJ