Marley Broome and Carrie Lowe

Jul 8, 2017

How We Met

We met on New Years Eve in New York City. Me and a few girlfriends went up there for a few days, and while out getting coffee for everyone, I accidentally turned around and bumped into him knocking all of my coffee over. It was a disaster, not to mention he was probably burning but somehow kept VERY cool... I told him to take my number so I can treat him to a new t-shirt, as a joke, but I was really serious; I felt horrible. Believe it or not, it turns out he was there for the same reason (New Years) and he was getting coffee for him and his friends also. He drove up from Florida and I came from North Carolina. We linked up later on with him and his boys and we all had an awesome time! We decided to keep in touch.

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