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Dive into our world of expert advice, tips, how-to’s, and more! Sit back and watch as your dream wedding falls perfectly into place!

After years of wedding and event planning, a small group of friends got together with one goal in mind – create a place where all of their tips and tricks could be combined and shared with others. This led to the birth of TheWeddingExpert, making your dream wedding just clicks away.

With the help of different wedding professionals and an extensive list of contacts acquired over time, the experts were able to bring their dream to life. TheWeddingExpert prides itself on being user-friendly and straight to the point, saving time and frustration when planning your special day.

TheWeddingExpert brings the best of the best directly to you – from finding the perfect makeup artist to the most discreet security and everything in between. Not sure what photographer to hire for your underwater nuptials? Don’t worry, TheWeddingExpert knows a guy.

Here or there? Find the perfect location!
Lake house, chapel, mom and dad’s backyard – the experts will help you pinpoint your style, understand your preferences, and help you find the perfect place to say “I Do”!

Stay on budget!
Planning will be a breeze with TheWeddingExpert’s usefool tools like our wedding planning calculator. Get the most bang for your buck with this innovative tool that is our gift to you!

Traditional to elopement, you’re going to need a plan!
No wedding is too formal or too out there for us! Between all of the expert's personal weddings and the ones they have planned, no theme or tradition has been left untouched!

#Hashtag Heaven
Don’t be left in the technological dust. TheWeddingExpert is here to make sure you remember to put the web in wedding! Wait, that didn’t work. With everything from hashtag generators to selfie advice in our blog, the experts have you covered!


Dear Experts…
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