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Last Revised October 1, 2015

TheWeddingExpert ("Company", "us" or "we") respects the privacy of the visitors to its web site,, as well as other affiliated sites and mobile applications linking to this privacy policy ("site"). This privacy policy is intended to inform you of our policies and practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information, automatically gathered information and anonymous Information (each defined below) you submit to us or which we gather when you visit our site. By accepting our Terms of Use Agreement, or by registering for a user account on the site you accept the terms of this privacy policy.
This privacy policy applies to ALL users of the site, including both registered and unregistered users and visitors, ("Users"). "Event Users" are users, who are brides, grooms, newlyweds and others using the site for planning a wedding or event. "Vendor Users" are users who are vendors who provide services in the event industry. "Personal Information" is information about you that is personally identifiable to you such as your name, address, email address or phone number, as well as other non-public information that is associated with the foregoing.

Users of the sites and applications that are part of the site may be able to adjust the manner or amount of information that is publicly disclosed or shared with third parties by adjusting privacy settings (the "Privacy Settings") within those sites or applications. These include, without limitation:

- For (both desktop and mobile) web sites (the "WE sites") and TheWeddingExpert mobile application (the "WE App"), collectively with the WE sites and the WE App, the "WE Properties"), the settings found here (the "WE Privacy Settings") will allow you to modify the display and sharing of certain information. Additionally, the WE App allows you to make certain modifications to display and sharing of information within the WEP Properties in the "Settings" section of the WE App.


By using the site, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy, and you expressly consent to the processing of your personal information according to this privacy policy by us or by third parties with whom we have a relationship. Your personal information may be processed by TheWeddingExpert in the country where it was collected, as well as other countries (including the United States) where laws regarding processing of personal information may be less stringent than the laws in your country. In addition, in the event you contact TheWeddingExpert via telephone, you understand, acknowledge and agree that such phone conversations may be recorded.


We may update this privacy policy from time to time as our services and site change and expand. If we make material changes to this privacy policy, we may make announcements, introduce pop-up notifications, or otherwise notify you through other means. Unless otherwise provided, the revised terms will take effect when they are posted. Once any changes that we make to this privacy policy become effective, your continued use of the site after such time will signify your acceptance of the new terms.


Registration and Account Information

If you register with the site, we may collect and store personal information that specifically identifies you or the account you set up with TheWeddingExpert (your "Account"), including, for event users: your first name, last name, e-mail address, wedding role (e.g., bride or groom), wedding date, and location of wedding, and for vendor users: business name, address, phone number, email address. If you add personal information of others, such as your fiancé or business partner, to the site in your profile or otherwise, you are representing that you are authorized to provide us with such information and that we may treat it in accordance with any applicable privacy settings that you have selected and otherwise in accordance with this privacy policy. We may, in the future, include other optional requests for information from you to help us tailor the site for you and deliver personalized information to you. We may supplement personal information you provide us with additional information purchased from third parties for marketing purposes. In addition, if an Event User adds a vendor to its planning tools, or provides a review of a new vendor, we will automatically add that vendor's information to our catalog.


Use of portions of the site requires you to establish a user ID and password. You agree that you will be responsible for maintaining your password as confidential and for any activity that occurs on your account as a result of you sharing your password with another or failing to protect it. TheWeddingExpert is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from your failure to maintain the confidentiality of your password.

Online Surveys, Contests and Advertising

Occasionally, TheWeddingExpert may conduct user surveys to collect information about our users' preferences. These surveys are optional, and if you choose to respond, your responses will be treated in accordance with the survey terms, if any, and otherwise in accordance with this privacy policy. These surveys may be conducted by and processed through third parties. Similarly, we may offer contests to qualifying users in which we ask for contact and demographic information such as name, email address and mailing address. The demographic information that TheWeddingExpert collects in the registration process and through surveys may be used to help us improve our services and site designed to meet the needs and preferences of our users. This may include targeting advertising to you about our services and site. Information we gather through a contest may also be disclosed to third parties as necessary for prize fulfillment and other aspects of any contest or similar offering. Additionally, if we run a co-branded contest or survey with a partner, unless the survey or contest terms provide otherwise, information that you provide pursuant to that contest or survey may be provided to that partner, after which it will be subject to that partner’s privacy policy.

User-Submitted Information

TheWeddingExpert reserves the right to retain any and all information submitted by users through use of the site, including but not limited to reviews, public profile information, information submitted to surveys (created by us or any other third party), personal messages sent through the site, and posts to message boards or forums. We may supplement personal information you provide us with additional information purchased from third parties for marketing purposes.

Automatically Gathered Information

TheWeddingExpert automatically collects information including but not limited to: browser type, browser software version, browser characteristics, IP address, location information, type of computer or mobile device, mobile carrier, unique device identifier, requesting and referring URLs and other information that may personally identify you ("Automatically Gathered Information"). We reserve the right to collect and manage this information at our discretion. We may use cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies ("Tracking Technologies") to conduct research and analytics, to maintain records of users' activities on our site, to manage use of our site and site services (including third party services), to deliver advertisements to you or otherwise customize and improve your user experience, and as deemed necessary for additional site management purposes. Additionally, we can and will use IP addresses to identify a user when we, in our sole discretion, determine that it is necessary to enforce compliance with our Terms of Use, privacy policy, or to protect our service, site, customers, vendors, or others. We may combine your automatically gathered information with your personal information. If we do, we will treat the combined information as personal information as long as it is combined.

Email to Friends Feature and Referral Program

TheWeddingExpert lets event users easily connect your profiles to friends/affiliates via email. TheWeddingExpert also offers the ability to send friends/affiliates emails to TheWeddingExpert. If you choose to use either feature, we will use your email address to copy you on the message or to send the email on your behalf, and you hereby grant permission for such use.

Public Information

As part of registration, you may set up a profile describing yourself, your wedding (My Profile). This profile will be publicly available as a default. Event users have the ability to modify the sharing of their personal information collected via the WE properties using the WE privacy settings. Other sites and mobile applications that are part of the site may have separate privacy settings. If you change your privacy settings, some information that was previously public and that you change to a private setting may remain cached and publicly available temporarily or indefinitely by search engines and others who archive publicly available content.

Site Activity

We may collect and store information about your use of the site, such as the terms that you search for, the pages or screens that you view, and the activities that you conduct on or using the site, including which vendors you review, list as favorites or booked or call or contact using the site and how you conduct those activities (collectively, "Site Activity"). Site activity may include actions that we are able to collect or infer using automatically gathered information.


Site Transactions and Administration

We may use your information (including personal information and automatically gathered information) for our own internal purposes, including but not limited to contacting you via email or telephone to inform you about updates to our services and providing you with information relating to e-commerce transactions that you conduct on the site. We also reserve the right to disclose your information as described in the paragraphs below.

Opt-in, Contact Me, or Offer Requests or Consents

When you opt-in or, choose "contact me" functionality, otherwise express your preference to receive special offers, solicitations or other communications from vendors or advertisers, information, including personal information, that you provide to us at that time or that you provided to us earlier may be stored by us and transmitted to these vendors or advertisers in order to facilitate their communication with you. If you consent to giving your information to a third party this overrides any privacy settings in effect with respect to such information and the third party's use of the information is subject to the third party's privacy policy and TheWeddingExpert has no responsibility for the third party’s use of that information.

TheWeddingExpert Community

The community area of the site, including forum and other discussion areas, is for the benefit of users. It is a public discussion and communication forum whereby content (best practices, suggestions, etc.) are generated by TheWeddingExpert community. By your participation in this area of the site, you acknowledge that the information posted will reside in the public domain and will be publicly available. From time to time TheWeddingExpert Staff may examine this content or other user behavior to confirm that the terms of purchase are not being breached and TheWeddingExpert may remove any content that is inappropriate in TheWeddingExpert's sole discretion. We strongly recommend that you refrain from posting any personal information in this forum. You may not post the personal information of any other person on the forum. See our Terms of Use for more information. An event user may be able to change the way his or her information is presented in forums within the WE properties by adjusting his or her WE privacy settings. Other sites and mobile applications that are part of the site may have separate privacy settings.

TheWeddingExpert Reviews System

TheWeddingExpert Vendor Review system represents a central repository for ratings and reviews of wedding vendors by their customers (engaged couples or married couples). When you submit a review or a counter-review on TheWeddingExpert site, we may make your review public on the site or on other TheWeddingExpert properties or through our partners and affiliates. If you provide a review for a vendor that is not yet part of our catalog, or if you add a new vendor to your planning tools, we will use the information that you provide about the vendor to notify the vendor that a review has been completed and that we are adding the vendor to our catalog. We will also seek that vendor's greater involvement with our site. Your TheWeddingExpert profile information will be made available as part of the review posting. An event user may be able to change the way that his or her information appears in reviews within the WE properties by adjusting his or her WE privacy settings. Other sites and mobile applications that are part of the site may have separate privacy settings.

Publicly Disclosed Information

TheWeddingExpert does not have any obligation of privacy with regard to information that a user discloses publicly on the site, including, without limitation, publicly posted content, profile information, forum comments, reviews, or pictures. The terms of use of the individual site specify the licensing and ownership of such publicly posted content.

TheWeddingExpert Vendor Catalog

TheWeddingExpert Catalog provides a listing by sortable category/fields of participating TheWeddingExpert vendor users as well as a listing of local businesses. If a TheWeddingExpert vendor is registered, the vendor's storefront will be made available on the catalog unless the vendor chooses to unregister from the site. As specified in our Terms of Use, after TheWeddingExpert and the vendor user have terminated their relationship, TheWeddingExpert shall be entitled to retain all reviews associated with a vendor user on the site as well as basic directory information, including, without limitation, business name, address and telephone number.


We may send you email communications including information that we think may be of interest to you. You may opt out of receiving these email communications either when you register to become a member or via the preferences section of your account settings. We may use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit the site. These companies may use information about your visits to this and other websites including automatically gathered information in order to provide advertisements about goods and services that may be of interest to you. These companies may use cookies or other tracking technologies to conduct the advertising and their use of your information or information about you is subject to their privacy policies, as applicable. You may be able to opt out of some of these practices by visiting sites and expressing a preference to opt-out. Please note that the choices you make are specific to the browser on a particular device and that if you use a different browser, you will need to opt-out again. TheWeddingExpert does not respond to browser-based Do Not Track signals. We use Google Analytics, which uses cookies and other similar technologies to collect information about use of the site anonymously and report trends, without identifying individual users. To opt out of the use of Google Analytics, visit

Co-Branded or Partnered Services

TheWeddingExpert may enter into co-branding or partnering relationships with third-party web sites and companies to provide products and services to our users or to such third parties' users. TheWeddingExpert may share your personal information, including user ID and password, with certain third-party service or product providers as required to provide a specific product or service that you request from a co-branded page or co-branded site. Subject to any terms of the co-branded or partner offering, personal information you provide on the co-branded site may also be stored and used by the co-brand partner according to its privacy policy. Please take the time to review these third-party privacy policies. TheWeddingExpert is not liable for any use of your personal information by a co-brand partner.

TheWeddingExpert's Contractors

To the extent necessary to provide you with the services on the site, we may provide your personal information to third party contractors who work on behalf of or with TheWeddingExpert to provide you with such services, to help us communicate with you or to maintain the site. However, except for any consent that you may have given and as otherwise permitted in this privacy policy, these contractors do not have any independent right to share your personal information.

Legal Requests

TheWeddingExpert may disclose information about you if we believe in good faith that such disclosure is necessary to (a) comply with relevant laws or legitimate legal process or law enforcement instructions, investigations and orders, including subpoenas or warrants served on us; or (b) protect or defend the rights, property, privacy or safety of TheWeddingExpert, our affiliates, you or others.


TheWeddingExpert has or may have subsidiaries, joint ventures or other companies under a common control (collectively, "Affiliates").We may share some or all of your personal information with these affiliates, in which case we will require our affiliates to honor this privacy policy.


If our company or all or any portion of our assets related to the site are acquired by another company (including in any bankruptcy or similar proceedings), that company will possess the personal information collected by us and it will assume the rights and obligations regarding your personal information as described in this privacy policy. This privacy policy inures to the benefit of successors and assigns of TheWeddingExpert.

Anonymous Information

We may create anonymous information records from personal information by excluding information (such as names) that makes the information personally identifiable to you. We may use this anonymous information for any purpose including to analyze inquiry, request and usage patterns so that we may enhance services and the site. We reserve the right to use and disclose anonymous information to third parties in our discretion. "Anonymous Information" means information that is not associated with or linked to your personal information.

Comments Submitted by Users

TheWeddingExpert constantly seeks to improve the quality of the services we provide and the user experience on the site. We value your input and encourage you to help us expand and make improvements to the site by providing us with any thoughts or comments you might have regarding our services or the operation of the site ("Suggestions"). All ideas, suggestions comments and proposals you send to TheWeddingExpert are non-confidential and shall become the sole property of TheWeddingExpert. TheWeddingExpert shall own all rights therein, including all intellectual property rights. TheWeddingExpert shall be entitled to use and/or disseminate the submissions in any manner and for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without compensation or credit to you.

TheWeddingExpert Vendors

We may share information from or about event users who use the site with TheWeddingExpert vendors, including personal information and site activity. You are able to make some modifications to the types of information shared with vendors by using the WE privacy settings.

EU Safe Harbor Framework

As described in our Safe Harbor certification, we comply with the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the US Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use and retention of personal information from European Union member countries. To learn more about the Safe Harbor program, please visit As part of our participation in the Safe Harbor program, we agree to resolve disputes you have with us in connection with our policies and practices through the American Arbitration Association (AAA)/ International Center for Dispute Resolution (ICDR). For information about AAA / ICDR, please see If you would like to contact TheWeddingExpert directly about the Safe Harbor program, please send an email to


We will use commercially reasonable methods to keep personal information securely in our files and systems. Our Payment System is operated using secure Internet connections, using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, to help protect your financial data. Please note that with current technology, the security of your data as it travels over the Internet or as it resides in any storage system cannot be guaranteed to be completely secure.


TheWeddingExpert is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any other web sites to which the site links or which link to the site. When you click on a link you may be taken to a location on the internet that is not part of TheWeddingExpert site. To check what internet location you are on, note the URL at the top and/or bottom of your browser. We encourage you to read the posted privacy statement of that web site whenever interacting with any web site. TheWeddingExpert uses YouTube API service which could collect, process, use, and or share user information. Please review Google Privacy Policy at (


TheWeddingExpert web sites are designed and intended for use by adults. We do not intentionally gather personal information about persons who are under the age of 18.


We save your personal information until your membership with us is terminated and you unsubscribe to email notifications. To terminate your membership, contact Customer Service at If you terminate your membership, your personal/profile information cannot be recovered. You may continue to receive email communications for a short period of time until we have updated all of our databases. After termination of your membership, your personal information may remain on our archived database and records. Notwithstanding the above, we will maintain information on users who have been removed for violating our Membership Agreement, and we will maintain email addresses in our unsubscribe lists.


If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the practices of this site, you may contact Customer Service at