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  • Grow your company - Take your company to the next level by becoming part of a growing wedding community
  • Market your brand - Let the world know you’re out there with your personalized profile page where you can post pictures, links, bios, and more
  • Be a part of the next big thing in weddings - With innovative technology and a growing online presence, don’t miss your chance to get in on the action
  • Share your knowledge - Give credibility to your company by sharing your knowledge and experience with potential clients
  • Save time and money - Receive updated lists of brides who ask to be contacted by vendors matching your business and location
  • Gain new customers - Be part of a select list of vendors specific to the region your business caters to
  • Optimize your search engine results - Your business’ name on more sites means more traffic
  • Get social - We regularly feature our vendors on our multiple social media sites, exposing your business to our thousands of followers
  • Get connected with brides in your area - Hundreds of brides register on our network everyday! Contact them directly!

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