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Fantasy Island Ranch

Bachelor Party location with tons of activities in Vermont!

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Burlington, VT
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Fantasy Island Ranch - Bachelor Parties

With all of the attractions, the fellas can partake in a 1 acre pond that is ready for fishing, swimming, kayaking, ice skating in the winter, and pedal boating. If you really love the outdoors, take a hike through the beautiful trails, and for the guys who can't get enough adrenaline, we have zip lines. You may also like to try Horseback riding, our Horse and Carriage Rides or Tractor Hay Rides, the exciting ATVs, or a Bus Brewery Tour!

This 30 acre, secluded farmland that is perfect for the guys getaway before the wedding! With 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and a commercial grade kitchen, our unique venue is prepared to accommodate you for any season with up to date heating systems and AC units. Your groomsmen will enjoy the coolness of our ceiling fans and exhilaration of our Jacuzzi tub.

Located in Burlington, VT