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Hot Party Stripper


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miami, FL
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Hot Party Stripper - Bachelor Parties

Having female strippers at your party is one of the best ways to take things up a level and give everyone there a night they’ll never forget. Not only do you get to spice the night up, but one of the best things about hiring a stripper to go to your private location is the fact that you get to customize everything completely. Here are a few things to keep in mind when hiring your private party stripper to make sure you and everyone else have a one-of-a-kind shot they will remember for a lifetime.

Costumes: Just Sexy, School Girl, Police, French Maid, Room Service, Teacher, Hotel Manager, Business rep.

Types Of Parties
Bachelor Party
Boat Party
Divorce Celebration
Couples Spice It Up Occasion
Pool Wrestling
Other: Improv, Retirement, Business Convention, Wait Staff, Topless Wait Staff, Nude Cleaning Lady, Bottle Service
Holiday Parties
Common Costume Choices
Sexy As Can Be
Police Girl
School Girl
Room Service
Jealous Girlfriend
Hotel Manager
French Maid

Let’s get Wild for your Bachelor Party!


Located in miami, FL