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Night Angel Strippers
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Chicago, IL 60614
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Night Angel Strippers - Bachelor Parties

Types of parties we perform at. The strippers on our site perform for:

Bachelor Parties, Birthday Parties' Fraternity, Going Away Parties, Corporate Events or for any occasion.

Shows range from mild to wild. Although we can provide strippers for smaller parties, there has to be at least 5 guests at your event. We do not provide escorts or any sexual services.

Where the strippers perform..

Our strippers usually perform at a home or hotel. The strippers can also perform in a private room in a restaurant or bar if it is closed to the public.

About the parties.
Parties consist of the female stripper performing exotic strip tease dancing, lap dances, and a variety of fun party games. Body shots, whip cream slides are just a few examples. Please see the rates page for more details.

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Located in Chicago, IL