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Tahoe's Exclusive Exotic Striptease Dancers
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South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150
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Tahoe's Exclusive Exotic Striptease Dancers - Bachelor Parties

Rain was the original Lake Tahoe Stripper. She was formally known as Tahoe’s Exclusive Exotic Striptease Dancer. She formed this agency by making her title plural. She began her solo career in 1987, forging new turf in the striptease industry. She is known to many as Rain ‘The Living Legend’. She is also referred to as Rain Exotic Striptease Dancer. She considered herself a ‘striptease artist,’ focusing on ad lib ‘state-of-the-art’ performance. Her journey is marked by a rich colorful history (actually her-story), which paved the road that built this local company on Tahoe soil. Tahoe’s Exclusive stakes claim as the leading Adult Entertainment Agency in both Tahoe and Reno. Rain’s zeal met with many challenges, but Rain was a rebel at heart. She naturally challenged society’s accepted repressed notions about the human body in its naked form. She embraced spontaneity and always went with the flow of the show. Rain was ‘fluid,’ and that has always been her motto. No matter how she is remembered, Rain will always be the first and foremost Exotic Dancer of Lake Tahoe.

Located in South Lake Tahoe, CA