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A-1 Entertainment
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4778 Haveerton Ln
Syracuse, NY 13090
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A-1 Entertainment - Bachelorette Parties

Our guys and girls are exotic dancers, THEY ARE NOT ESCORTS! Also, please cooperate with and treat the dancers with kindness, respect and to participate in party activities to ensure a fun, longer party for you and your guests.

You as the party host will be responsible for your crowd's behavior. Please assist in keeping your party under control and to comply with the dancers requests. All the pictures you see have been supplied by the dancers. No stock photos or pictures cut out of magazines, or pictures of girls no longer working for the company like the one's you will most likely see on some of our competitors' websites.

There are companies out there now that will try to tell you say "Our Dancers will stay at your party all night. Please, don't fall for this misleading tactic. All dancers have schedules. They will stay at your party as long as they can, considering the fact that you and your guests treat them GOOD, but you really can't expect them to stay at your party all night.

We suggest that you schedule as soon as you have the party information. This information would be the date, time, location of the party, phone # and any other information pertinent to the party. 


Located in Syracuse, NY