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Fantasy Island Ranch

Bachelorette Party Location and Activities in Vermont

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Burlington, VT
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Fantasy Island Ranch - Bachelor Parties

A bride should be totally relaxed before her big day, and we can provide the relaxing atmosphere she needs. With so many different activities to partake in, you and your bridesmaids will love laying by the pond, sitting around the bonfire, swimming, hiking, kayaking, ice skating in the winter, zip lining, horseback riding, horse carriage rides, pedal boating, petting the animals, riding the ATVs and relaxing in our indoor Jacuzzi. 

Your bridesmaids can have their choice of 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. We have a commercial grade kitchen prepared to accommodate you with everything you need to keep a happy brides stomach full. You won't get too cold with our up to date heating systems or too warm with AC units, and ladies, you know we tend to get a little warm (hot flashes).


Located in Burlington, VT