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Gypsy Rose Exotic & Pole Dancing
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1 Braintree St.
Allston, MA 02134
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Gypsy Rose Exotic & Pole Dancing - Bachelorette Parties

Parties are an hour and a half, and here's what you get to do!

--Dress up in CLEAN Clubwear/costumes/platform boots from our Costume Room (No One has to dress up--you can wear whatever you'd like or bring your own clothing).

--Watch A Crazy Dance by the Instructor

The Sexy Strut
A Floor Routine
THREE airborne pole swings
A Chair Dance routine
How to Pick up a Dollar Bill with yer Butts.

Then the Bachelorette or Birthday Girl gets to do a dance like the Instructor did at the beginning ONLY IF she wants to, using the floor, chair, and pole while all her friends cheer her on.

She ALSO gets her picture taken (with your cameras) in our life-size Champagne Glass.

And to make her day truly special, the Instructor will then present her with a Certificate proclaiming that she is now an Official Exotic Dancer (totally cheezy but fun!)

She will remember this crazy party for the Rest of her Life (and beyond..)!

All parties are only $40/person, and you're in and out in an hour and a half.

How to Book a Party at Gypsy Rose:

The best and quickest way to book a party with us is to fill out our Parties form, at (This will give us all your information, time/date choices, etc. in one place.)

1. Submit the Party Form

2. We email you as soon as we can to confirm your party. (f we give you your second or third choice it's because your first choice(s) were already booked. If you CAN'T do your other time choices, PLEASE LET US KNOW)

3. You put down the $160 deposit via our website Parties Page WITHIN 24 HOURS OF YOUR CONFIRMATION to secure your spot (otherwise there's no guarantee you'll be able to keep the spot, as we can't hold spaces). The deposit pays for FOUR women, then anyone else pays that night in cash or check only, so you don't overpay.


5. We email you with the contract/rules for your party, and that is your FINAL confirmation. You do NOT need to confirm again.

6. The Monday, Tuesday, or sometimes Wednesday before your party we'll send you an email asking for your definite number of participants/observers, and give you more information on what to bring, wear, etc.

Here's the link to our Parties page, , which should answer any other questions you may have and if not, just shoot us an email (we are able to answer emails quicker than phone calls).

Located in Allston, MA