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Mad Media Online - Bachelorette Parties

Mad Media Online is an online database of fitness models/actors/actresses/bodybuilders that are in excellent shape. We send out monthly job announcements via e-mail and online to fitness models to provide male/female fitness models and male/female bodybuilder’s information on various companies such as Magazines, TV shows, talk shows, short Films, feature Films, and game manufacturers who are looking for fitness models/actors/actresses. Our fitness models will have the chance to model and act for movies, clubs, magazines, and variety of events including but not limited to dating events, videogames, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, health and fitness events, and media-related events who are looking for ‘hot fitness models’.

When the website is complete this website will entail fitness models ages 21-46. If the fitness models is over the ages of 46 and in excellent shape they may still be considered for fitness modeling work. No one under the ages of 21 will be considered for fitness modeling assignments. Once the website is complete, Fitness models will be able to search for jobs at no cost to them. Our fitness models are never charged upfront fees as a result of using our service. The hiring managers and 3rd party companies looking to use our service are charged. But, the fitness model should never incur any fees from us. Mad Media Online is a website domain that is owned and operated under “Digimedia”.

Fitness Modeling: As a fitness model, your body must be in excellent shape and your body will be your source of income and making a living for a long time to come, if you treat your body right. You will have to keep your body in peak physical condition to be a successful model in this competitive industry all year long not for just the spring and the summer. Fitness models salary ranges and some fitness models even work as personal trainers until they can land jobs solely in fitness modeling steady enough to support themselves.

Fitness models have an athletic physique with toned muscles and very little body fat. Male fitness models usually are athletic, muscular, or bodybuilders. Female fitness models are usually slim to lean or toned.

Fitness Models can also be the face and eye candy of various events. Our events include but are not limited to bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, dating events, single’s night out, couple’s night out, media-related events, dinners, health and fitness events, fitness modeling events, modeling events, and other events.

Join a gym if you haven't already. You will need to spend at least 1.5 hours in the gym every day, combining cardio and strength-training exercises, with an emphasis on strength training. Both male and female fitness models must strength train. Don’t worry women, you won’t look really big and bulky as only a small percentage of women can build large muscle mass. Fitness models are strongly encouraged to hire a personal trainer to help them get into tip top shape and to stay in shape. Eat clean. Your diet should consist of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Don't eat excess sugar, empty carbohydrates, fried foods, or drink alcohol. Don't smoke cigarettes or do drugs of any kind, as they will inhibit your performance.

Fit Athletes: We provide fit athletes for various assignments requiring a person to be fit athletic for jobs including but not limited to kickboxing, bodybuilding and bikini competitions, wrestling, lighting, muscle worship scenes, weight lifting, running, swimming, marathons. All of our athletes have flat, semi flat, or six pack abs are are lean, toned, and muscular.

Fitness Database: Our fitness database also provides fit actors, fit actresses, fit extras, bodybuilders, and athletes for films, short films, talk shows, tv shows, fitness magazines, sexy exercise videos, dating segments, music videos, healthy cooking segments, viral videos, and more!

Mad Media Online is not a talent agency. Mad Media Online is not a staffing agency either. Mad Media Online is an online database of fitness models and jobs board that is currently under construction. Until the jobs board is complete on Mad Media Online. As such, the client pays the fitness model directly. For example, if Mad Media Online e-mails out a job announcement stating talk show Jerry Springer is looking for fitness models, then Jerry Springer show would pay the Fitness Model directly.

We are looking for videos, moving pictures, and moving images of attractive fitness models, actors/actress we can host on our site to promote you. If you have videos you can grant us an irrevocable license to so our up and coming under construction site can host free of charge for you let us know. Our up and coming under construction site offers free advertising to fitness models/actors/actresses that are in excellent shape. The site will launch in a few months, but what we are missing is video content to host on our site.

You can send us footage of you working out, engaging with family/friends, clubbing, acting in a sexy exercise video, comedic short, drama, action commercial, home made movie, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, movie premieres, game premieres, expos, professional movie, extra work, fitness modeling, healthy cooking segments, talk show segments, new segments, short films, feature films, lead roles, support roles, and extra etc.

Located in Upper Marlboro, MD