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Model Martini
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Rochester, NY 14619
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Model Martini - Bachelorette Parties

Model Martini is a blueprint to the vast and ever growing world of cocktails. The standard bar of vodka and gin is quickly going the way of record players and 8-tracks, being replaced with the notion that a cocktail can be as intriguing to the palate as any culinary dish. Stealing herbs, fruits, even vegetables from the kitchen and bringing them to the forefront is where we have progressed in this new wave of mixing spirits.

Model Martini makes the complexities much more attainable to the “home-bartender.” Bringing you parties, lessons, tips and tricks to better create your own concoctions; whether you wish to pursue a job in the restaurant/bar business or simply play bartender at home, Model Martini can make it happen.

The Model Martini Party in a Glass is a menu of soirees that brings the bar to you. Captivated by the new trends in “mixology”, hosting a party, or simply tired of the bar scene, these parties are a way to mix up some of your own fun. Play bartender for an evening by learning how to make shots and drinks, then wow your friends by showing off your new tricks at future gatherings. You’ll be the life of parties to come!

- All participants must be at least 21 years of age with proof of identification available upon request.
- Parties include “how-to” demonstrations and hands on drink mixing. Each participant is equipped with necessary tools and ingredients to make the featured cocktails. (Sample sized portions)
- Parties of 9 or more will be adapted into a tasting; Front of the room demonstration with cocktail sampling
- Drink recipes may vary per season for use of the freshest ingredients possible.

Choose from a list of pre-themed parties or custom create your menu.

The Model Martini School of Bartending is designed to provide you with the basic knowledge to begin a job as a responsible bartender in any setting (night club, country club, fine dining restaurant, banquet hall, etc). Practice and first-hand experience will enhance your skill, but a foundation of proper knowledge will give you the confidence and upper hand to get started.

* No license or certification is required to bartend in NYS
* This course does not promise a job upon completion


Located in Rochester, NY