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New York City, NY
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1 Reviews
Sue Phillips
Dear Sue, I just got home and received the photos and videos. Thank you so much for everything.l. Loved the experienced today and absolutely LOVE my bespoke fragrance (and Nico my husband LOVES it too!!).
Lauren Cosenza

Scenterprises - Bachelorette Parties Ideas in New York

For your Bachelorette party, Bridal Shower, and W? Fragrances trigger special memories and emotions. Sue Phillips, Fragrance expert, will guide you and help explore the charming and mysterious world of aroma.  You will experience our exquisite scent blends and you select three or four that you would like to incorporate in your very own exclusive formula. Your custom creation will be transferred into a beautiful perfume bottle of your choice and presented in a gold or purple sachet (or color of your choice which we custom order for larger events) You will also receive a Certificate of Registration for your perfume; you can name your fragrance and your formula will be stowed away in our databank for anyone to reorder in the future.  Our Perfumery, The Scentarium, in Tribeca, New York is an oasis in the heart of the city and ideal for fun personalized events.  Come and experience the wonderful world of fragrance and create your OWN unique  fragrance for your SPECIAL day! Don't forget a Custom Fragrance bar for your Bachelorette party, Bridal Shower, Wedding Event, and event your own Custom Fragrance as wedding favors!

JAMIE FOXX and KATIE HOLMES have both created their Custom Fragrances with us! And for the special guy in your life, create a custom fragrance for him too, as 45% of our business is with men who create their own fragrances!

Thrilled to share our testimonials with you - listen to how excited brides, grooms, men, women, mothers, daughters are as they create their OWN scents!
With Preston Bailey - wedding planner "extraordinaire"!
Happy Brides loving their Custom Scent creations!
With David Tutera

Located in New York City, NY