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Soft Sensuous Moves
1 (210) 863-3591
Contact: Rene' Mulholland
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6441 Blanco Road
San Antonio, TX 78216
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Soft Sensuous Moves - Bachelorette Parties

Rene’ Mulholland ACE CPFT AASDN – Member of Pole Fitness Association. I created Soft Sensuous Moves LLC 12 years ago so that ALL women regardless of age, size, race could enjoy not only the fitness, empowering aspect of SSM but to get back to the sensual side she might have misplaced along the way

Balance Body & Mind
Let SSM guide you as you tone and strengthen your body through a more feminine, sensual approach as we increase your self- confidence and self-esteem.
Exciting & Fun
SSM has a variety of exciting and fun signature workouts designed to be anything but boring. Levels 1-12 -Advance and Masters Pole Courses and classes, Art of the Strip 1 & 2, Aerial Yoga all Levels,Non pole classes, provocative workshops and events.
All Fitness Levels
SSM was created for women of ALL shapes, sizes, and ages 18 & up.

Located in San Antonio, TX