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Alex Levin Music

New York City NY and Philadelphia PA

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40 E. 21st Street, #7
New York City, NY 10010
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Alex Levin Music - Bands

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Serving from New York City to Philly including New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York, Long Island, and the Northeast.


Each of our award-winning groups are experts in performing event and wedding music in service to the event, and are sure to charm and entertain your guests of all ages as you celebrate the most memorable of moments. 

Whether you’re looking for to underscore your intimate small wedding or an event band or DJ to get everyone on the dance floor, we’ve got you covered!

While we were founded upon bringing the best NYC jazz bands and swing bands to weddings and events across the Northeast, our expanded roster features a variety of award-winning and highly sought after musicians and bands of all genres! Genres we feature include jazz, swing, Bossa Nova, Latin, classical, pop, R&B, neo-soul, folk, and country!


New York’s Best Jazz, Swing, and Vintage Soul Bands
The Alex Levin Music Agency provides superb live jazz and swing music for weddings, parties and corporate events. Whether you are interested in booking a solo pianist or guitarist, a small jazz trio or quartet, or a larger combo, Alex offers a wide range of distinctive and elegant bands that will add just the right touch to your Wedding.

Located in New York City, NY