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Dr. Jazz

Wedding Jazz Band Serving New Orleans, Baton Rouge LA

1 (504) 400-5246
Contact: Russell Steele, M.D.
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170 Walnut St. #5B
New Orleans, LA 70118
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Dr. Jazz - Dixieland Jazz Band in New Orleans

For all of us in the band, traditional Dixieland jazz is the musical sound and genuine spirit of New Orleans while romantic songs mixed with dance music and jazz is what every wedding needs. Our basic style is called “smooth” jazz which incorporates a romantic touch into standard and new songs, but we also play traditional jazz and are well known in New Orleans for our original style. We have never counted the total number of songs that we play regularly, but the partial list we send out contains over 1,400 numbers.

     Four members of our band have been full time music teachers, two have been band directors in the public school system, and two others are full time music performers. Three are relatively recent college graduates while four have played music professionally for over 30 years. We therefore have a nice blend of experience and fresh young talent. We originally got together in the mid 1990’s when we were contracted by the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. to organize a musical show (which we called “Jazz from Jerico”) performed for a series of “Religion in the Arts” programs throughout the Southeastern United States. This inspired our first CD, “Genesis of Jazz.”

     We are a complete band, to the best of my knowledge the only one in New Orleans, in that we do church ceremonies providing an organist  and brass when needed,  venue ceremonies, receptions, "second line" parades, anniversaries, reunions, and concerts. We were voted  and named  Best Wedding Band in New Orleans by “The Knot Wedding Site.” In addition, we are a jazz band that has played in Jazz Festivals all over the world, and recently a 3 hr. reception for George W. Bush, past President of the United States.  But most of all, we enjoy playing weddings, parties and events in New Orleans because they are always personal, happy, and full of energy.

     A few years back, we made a decision to specifically specialize in weddings. We did this because they are personal, everyone is always very happy, the music must be perfect (we thrive on this challenge) and best of all, we get to be part of the bride’s and groom’s families, at least for a day. We can provide music for all aspects of weddings: the ceremony (including church organ with brass), reception, second line, street car ride, Jewish weddings, Italian, Polish etc., and we have even done a Danish wedding.

     Weddings are certainly one of life’s greatest events. We have been personally rewarded in many ways by the now hundreds of brides and grooms we have played for, including dozens of rave reviews on the many wedding oriented web sites, and being named the best wedding band by New Orleans Magazine. Weddings are our specialty and always will be.

Located in New Orleans, LA