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Swing St. Vrain
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2300 Collyer Street
Longmont, CO 80501
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Swing St. Vrain - Live Gypsy Band in Boulder, CO

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Formerly known as The Hot Club of Boulder, Swing St. Vrain is a gypsy jazz ensemble based in Longmont, Colorado. We play "le jazz hot" in style of Django Reinhardt. Our material offers a variety of sounds and styles from Latin and choro to klezmer and pop tunes that can compliment SSV's overall sound.

Instrumentation includes DiMauro and Selmer style guitars, Greek bouzouki, archtop jazz guitars, tenor banjo, mandolin, violin and upright bass. We offer both male and female vocalists who can perform in English, French, Spanish, and Yiddish.

We produced three gypsy jazz festivals in Longmont, Colorado, played the Longmont Jazz Festival several times, and appeared at the first Djangofest Colorado in Crested Butte as The Hot Club of Boulder. 

Located in Longmont, CO