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Howard Herman - Pianist
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3009 sheringham Road
Orlando, FL 32808
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Howard Herman - Wedding Pianist in Orlando


Howard Herman provides solo piano music that makes outstanding dance music for a wedding reception. He can even provide "themed" music to accommodate your specific theme. He relies on decades of professional expertise to provide a memorable musical experience for the bride and groom and their guests. 

His talents and fierce professionalism have brought him several different and notable opportunities within the music industry. He's worked with or played for various recognized figure such as:

Regis Philbin
Nichele Nichols
George Takei (Star Trek)
Betina Bush (voice of Rainbow Brite)
Henry Beckman (Here Come The Brides)
Milton Delugg (Tonight Show/Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade)
Sheldon Altfeld (Silent Network)
Marty Brill
Pete Antel
Deedy Peters (House Calls)
Kenny Paulsen (Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Buddy Holly)
Don Lamond (Charlie Parker/Woody Herman)
Lew Berryman (Erroll Garner)
Barry Smith (Woody Herman)
Ahmed Abdul-Malik(Thelonious Monk)
Tony Salvatori (Buddy Rich)
Fred Lipsius (Blood, Sweat and Tears)
Peter Welker
Paul Schmeling (Berklee College of Music)
Michael Snyder
Paul Breslin
Paul Stenzler (RHYTHM RELEASE)
Syl LaFata
Jackie Jones
Laura Yager
Leroy Cooper (Saxophonist and bandleader for Ray Charles)

Founding the internationally acclaimed group, A Show of Hands, USA, is one of Howard's greatest achievements. It is a children's choral group that utilizes American Sign Language and well-crafted harmonies, which brought entertainment to both hearing and hearing impaired communities. 

Located in Orlando, FL