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Naples Klezmer Revival Band
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Fort Myers, FL
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Naples Klezmer Revival Band - Klezmer live band in Fort Myers and Sarasota

If you are looking for a professional band to entertain your next unique occasion, be it a wedding or engagement, our motto is “Jewish Music….and More!”. While our main repertoire and specialty is the traditional Eastern European music, also known as Ashkenaz, we also dabble in Israeli, Sephardic and other adaptations of the music of the synagogue and Yiddish theater. When we say “and More”, we like to encourage our talented musicians to venture into other genres and classifications of music such as jazz or popular dance music, where it may be appropriate. We take pride in adapting our repertoire to accommodate the need of our audience. 

Our band consists of up to eight musicians and one being the main vocalists, whom we like to refer to as our "heartbeat" as she typically sets the tempo for our band. All of our members are professional and have much experience playing instruments or singing. Our instruments consist of fiddles, violins, guitars, drums, keyboards, pianos, clarinets, and even accordions. 

You are listening to The Lonely Clarinet (feat. Jane Galler)

  • The Lonely Clarinet (feat. Jane Galler)
  • Sholem's Bulgarish (feat. Stu Warshauer)
  • Sher (Feat. Dick Johnson)

Located in Fort Myers, FL