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Uncle Click
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21644 N 9th Ave STE 201
Phoenix, AZ 85027
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Uncle Click - Live Wedding Band in Phoenix

Uncle Click members were a little surprised when Gigmasters named them the “Top Classic Rock Band” in Phoenix; but this prodigious group of seasoned professionals have been rocking the southwest for over 10 years with familiar, upbeat cover tunes spanning several genres.
The band started in 2005 when singer/guitarist Otis Francis met bass guitarist/singer Duane Loose. Fueled by a mutual interest in 80's rock, the two began playing venues with well-known local drummers.  'It became clear right away that we had something worthwhile after the first few gigs' says Duane, 'Otis and I just clicked, and we knew we had something special.'”
The band was soon joined by Tempe based drummer Dave Poore, who spiced up the mix with both his powerful Bonham-style playing and clever levity. 'At first we just had this sort of 80's revival/country rock thing in mind,' recalls Otis, 'But when Dave came along he started breaking out newer material we were like, cool!' The combination worked, and it gave Uncle Click the unique edge that defines the band's sound.
The final member, Al Dieste joined the band on keys and vocals in 2016. Al was the perfect fit both professionally and personally. Al summed up his philosophy simply as "let's play great music and have fun".
Excited as they were with the new sounds they were laying down, the band never anticipated the enthusiasm which critics and fans alike found for their music. Within the first year of playing private, corporate and local venues 5 star reviews were rolling in.
Although they couldn't be happier than they are with their devoted fans in Phoenix, The guys have set their sights on the Southwestern region. Following a successful 2015 event calendar the band is planning more shows in 2016 and “we're ready to get back to what it's all about: rockin' the house!”
'What it comes down to for us,' remarks Dave, 'Is that we really dig what we're doing, and we've brought a lot of people something they really dig too.' 'Exactly,' agrees Duane, 'Even without all the success, we've met so many people who say "this is the kind of music I love, why is nobody else playing it?" Otis sums it up quite simply, “we wouldn't want to do anything else.”

Located in Phoenix, AZ