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Beauty & Make Up

Choose from our professional bridal makeup artists who will transform you and your bride’s maids into someone even more confident

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Beauty and makeup - tips

Your groom already knows you’re beautiful but your bridal beauty is celebrating that and ensuring you are the very best version of yourself. Yes, your groom wants to be blown away - but not by a stranger! He is marrying the woman he loves and knows so make sure you are the best version of that. Bridal beauty starts with the bride, obviously, but could also include your bridal party. You may want to co-ordinate or you may just want to focus on your own presentation. But certainly getting a ...

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Bridal make-up, like the wedding dress, should show the bride at her absolute best. You are in your prime, about to marry the man of your dreams, at your optimal point of joy, happiness, beauty in the arms of your beloved. He may well be the one lifting your veil and he is certainly the one with whom you will be sharing most close-ups. But even the most natural beauty with flawless complexion and sparkling eyes needs a bit of help in the glare of such scrutiny. Hence make-up and lighting.

Some brides do their own make-up. If you are really good at it, great! But many feel they would like a bit of professional help on the day when they will be most photographed. Do check out the portfolios of the gamut of wedding make-up artists. There is little worse than mismatched make-up to your style and complexion. Check the lighting too. What time of year will you be getting married? Is it likely to be cloudy? What time of day are you getting married? If it is truly a night time marriage, you may require heavier make-up. Most professional makeup artists are familiar with the right brands and products to help you continue to look dewy-skinned and bushy-tailed despite all the hustle, sweat, tears and excitement of the day. Have a few trial sessions before deciding on which you will go with for the day.

Wedding hair involves hundreds of amazing hairstyles from plaits to chignons, up-dos, half-dos, extra long tresses, curls, straightened locks. Again, don't be distracted by an imposed vision but rather consider your dress, personality and the tone, atmosphere you want to create for your wedding. A wedding hairstyle should not be an everyday look but rather a visual expression of your own romance and fairytale love story. Even if you are keeping the same bobbed hairdo, make it enchanting with some addition whether it be curls, daisies, pins.

Wedding beauty starts months and months earlier with a good healthy diet, lots of water and very little alcohol. Alcohol puffs up and the sulfur can cause skin to break out or become florid. It also adds calories faster than any food and clogs up your liver. Keep your drinking to your wedding day and instead invest in producing the clearest skin and glossiest hair through good health. If you really do want to shed a few pounds, start a healthy eating plan months before so that the loss is slow and promotes health. Exercise regularly to keep your body and skin toned. Avoid crash diets at all costs as they will deplete you of minerals and blood sugar. The toxins and lack of proper food will ravage your skin and juicy cheeks so you end up looking like an ill or addicted person on your wedding day. Not a good look - regardless of what the scales say! Getting adequate sleep and avoiding stress also helps. If you find yourself staying up all night wrapping up wedding favors or rewriting lists, get one of your trusted bridal party to assist you.

Being beautiful on your big day is less to do with expensive procedures and products and more to do with sensible choices made consistently from months before. Have confidence you will be the head-turning event on the day!

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