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All Access Staffing ~ The Martini Shop
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2017 N. Argyle Ste. 311
Los Angeles, CA
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All Access Staffing ~ The Martini Shop - Beverage Catering in Los Angeles

Service Styles:

We offer full beverage catering that is fresh and up to date with all of the latest mixology trends. Our bartenders are experienced professionals that possess a strong background in this industry, a unique serving style and complete knowledge of Classic Cocktails.

The mixology service:
Fresh juices
Herbs and spices to create unique cocktails

All of our packages include: 
Soft drinks
Beverage napkins
Stir sticks


We are ABC licensed and insured and have full liquor insurance. All of our staff possess a minimum of 2 years restaurant and/or catering experience, with great knowledge of all types of food service and friendly personalities.


Located in Los Angeles, CA