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Artic Diamond Ice Sculptures
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11242 Sebring Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45240
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Artic Diamond Ice Sculptures - Catering & Food

Service Styles:

Artic Diamond is committed to providing not only the highest quality sculptures but also impeccable quality of service. We have a passion to provide the highest quality product and best customer service through timeliness, courteous staff, and our capability to custom design an ice sculpture to fit every event. We are confident that your experience with Artic Diamond will be a great one. 

A few FAQ's

Q. How much notice do you need for an ice sculpture order?
A. To assure availability on a specific date, you should order as early as you can. Certain holiday/wedding dates can fill up quickly, but don’t hesitate to call us because you think you are too late to order a sculpture. 

Q. How much does a sculpture cost?
A. Our prices vary by sculpture. Some of our basic sculptures sell for a couple hundred dollars, and other sculptures sell for several thousand. Just give us a call for any quote on a specific display. 

Q. How do you make clear ice?
A. Of all the questions we're asked, this is the most frequent. Tap water runs through a filtration system and is then kept in motion during the freezing process. 

The most important part of this process is keeping the water moving while the ice freezes. The basic concept behind clear ice  

For more information on our ice sculpture for weddings, please visit our site and contact us today.

Located in Cincinnati, OH