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Cafe Ala Carte
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19512 s. Coquina way
Weston, FL 33332
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Cafe Ala Carte - Catering & Food

Service Styles:

Service Staff:

A gleaming European cart with professionally dressed baristas to hand your guests the perfectly presented cup of the finest espresso or cappuccino ”just the way they like it”.

This is what your guests see and feel however, we want you to know what goes on behind the scenes that allows this to happen!

Personalized service is happening from the moment you dial our number and speak to our company. The booking of the event is easy and always a pleasurable experience. Since we completely understand the special needs of the client and the venues, you can be assured of a flawless party.

Our staff is always professional, polite and friendly to the guests and to all the other vendors at the event. Our company takes great pride in staffing professionals who at all times are conducting themselves in this manner.

We use the finest Arabica blend of coffee beans for our espresso and cappuccino and grind them to order on the spot. We also can customize each cappuccino with assorted non-alcoholic flavorings such as amaretto, hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate, caramel to name a few. We also offer a variety of sugar and sugar substitutes for the guests; however, our sugar sticks are a crowd pleaser. All specialty coffees are available in regular and decaf.

Professionalism and knowledge of event set up is what stands us apart from the rest. We are familiar with the venues in the tri county area and also understand load in specifics for each property. We set quickly and efficiently and at all times our staff conduct themselves in a professional manner. Once the event is over the removal of our carts are done quickly and the area is left clean.

Our delivery trucks are in pristine condition and serviced regularly to insure a smooth delivery. Our drivers are supplied with the proper directions, maps and cell phones to insure instant communication with the office at all times.


Located in Weston, FL