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Cafe Amore USA - Cappuccino & Coffee Cart
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Los Angeles, CA 90210
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Cafe Amore USA - Cappuccino & Coffee Cart - Catering & Food

Cafe Amore became the very first Mobile Espresso Bar in Los Angeles over 40 years ago. Our unique and elegant Italian services have provided deliciously fresh coffee confections to birthdays, wedding receptions, corporate functions and special celebrations since 1970. We bring our premier and original Espresso Bar & Cart to every venue, from 5-star hotels and Hollywood exclusive events, to TV/Film Studios and Fortune 500 companies.

Since the 1990's, we've provided nationwide services and an exquisitely customized beverage selection. From Tropical Fruit Smoothies and Ice-Blended Mochas, to Margaritas and mouth-watering Espresso blends, our famous selection of deluxe coffee offerings and flavors are personally roasted for clients everywhere to enjoy.

Today, our reputation at Cafe Amore is one of great quality and service. Elegant evenings of 50 to 500 guests are common catered events of ours, and we've even served National Conventions of up to 10,000. Our famous, steaming espresso blends have become an integral and central part of the coffee culture in Southern California, and we're known to provide the best.

Our attendants are professional, courteous and show up in tuxedo attire to tend to the cart, and rest assured that you'll find only the highest quality of freshly roasted coffee beans with us. Our equipment is elegant and ornate, and we guarantee the absolute best deals in pricing. Grab an authentic international liqueur coffee bar 'last minute' or reserve us ahead of time.

Located in Los Angeles, CA