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Cappuccino Express Exquisite Beverages Catering
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West Palm Beach, FL 33422
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Cappuccino Express Exquisite Beverages Catering - Catering & Food

GOURMET FRESH BREW COFFEE - 8 kinds to choose
from: Our House Blend Regular, Decaf, and Flavored
Brewed to perfection $1.70 1.93 2.19
CAFFE LATTE - the Latte’ is made with espresso and
steamed milk, heated to the right temperature, the
espresso and milk bond together to create one of
our most popular drinks $3.49 4.09 4.59
CAFE CON LECHE - A Latte made with Caffe’ Cubano
instead of Italian espresso $3.49 4.09 4.59
CAPPUCCINO - Espresso and steamed milk with thick
dense foam. Cappuccino has a stronger taste than
the latte $3.49 4.09 4.59
CAFFE MOCHA – A Latte’ with thick chocolate,
topped with whipped cream $4.14 4.59 5.29
CAFFE BREVE - A more enriched Latte made with
steamed half and half $3.59 4.14 4.59
CAFFE AMERICANO - An Espresso topped with
steaming water $3.49 4.09 4.59
CAFFE AU LAIT - Gourmet fresh brew coffee topped
with steamed milk $3.49 4.09 4.59
ESPRESSO - A robust intensely flavored coffee made
by forcing steaming water through finely ground
espresso beans. $1.89 Extra Shot 0.95
CAFE CUBANO - This traditional Cuban coffee is
brewed like an Espresso using the Cuban coffee bean
which is roasted darker $1.89 Extra Shot 0.95

Located in West Palm Beach, FL