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Freebee Ice Cream Inc
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1300 Lochbreeze way
Orlando, FL 32828
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Freebee Ice Cream Inc - ice cream Catering & Food in Orlando

Service Styles:

Food Specialty:

Everyone loves novelty ice creams and soft serve! An ice cream truck for an outdoor wedding reception can add fun and nostalgia to your event! With your favorite novelty items prepackaged and starting at just $2.50, we offer everything from Orange Dream Bars, Blue Bunny Screamers, Good Humor Bars, Chocolate Eclair Bars and Big Dippers to Cherry Explosion Chills, Cry Baby Ice, Snickers Bars, Jolly Rancher Snow Cones, Screwballs, Bomb Pops, FrozFruit bars and Character Bars.

In addition we offer Vanilla, Chocolate, Caramel, Mango and Strawberry Shakes starting at $4.50. Our Hot Fudge, Caramel or Strawberry Sundaes start at $5 and our Chocolate, Vanilla or Swirl ice cream cones start at $3. We can add rainbow or chocolate sprinkles for just $0.25!


Located in Orlando, FL