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Fun Times Ice Cream
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Everett, WA 98204
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Fun Times Ice Cream - Catering & Food

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In 2013 I will be celebrating 12 years in the ice cream business. Fun Times Ice Cream started in 2001 with a small van mostly around Casino Road in Everett having lots of fun with kids and learning what our customers like most. Fun Times now has 3 tricked-out trucks and a cute ice cream cart serving ice cream, snacks, toys, lots of beverages, and Italian Cream Sodas.

Fun Times Ice Cream specializes in parks and businesses of all sizes. Fun times has been at many large fairs and employee appreciation events. Serving up to 3,000 treats in one day. No event is too large or too small for Fun Times Ice Cream!

Fun Times Ice Cream has been working with the Everett Parks Department since 2001 and is fully licensed and insured. We can list your business as co-insured.

Do you remember the ice cream man when growing up? Do you remember Sup Mario or Big Stick? Fun times Ice Cream brings your kids smiles and memories that will last a lifetime. Let’s not forget these happy times and keep these memories alive!

I remember as a kid running to my grandma to get money to buy an ice cream when I heard the truck coming down our street. Now as a grandma myself, I want to help create those great memories for our kids.

Ice cream treats are a unique alternative to the birthday cake! Let us deliver ice cream and tasty treats by cooler or ice cream truck.

We are available for your school events, parties and fundraisers. The kids always love a tasty treat!


Ice cream delivered for a company party, picnic, employee appreciation day or for a special Friday treat is always fun! It's a great way to end the long work week.


Serving ice cream and made-to-order Italian Cream Sodas after a sporting event is a great way for your kids to cool off and they make great rewards too!


Located in Everett, WA