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I Do Coffee
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Los Angeles, CA
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I Do Coffee - Catering & Food

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If you are looking to add a touch of elegance to your wedding, Paul offers coffee and cappuccino catering that is gourmet and professionally serviced. As a Master Barista, Paul offers over 20 years of experience and adds an exciting touch to your gourmet coffee beverages with beautiful latte art.

Each drink is hand crafted to a quality that shows Paul's love and passion for coffee. He has plenty of options to choose from including Hot drinks like espresso, Mocha lattes, green tea lattes, Flat whites, Cappuccinos and chai lattes to Cold drinks like Iced mochas, vanilla iced lattes, Salted caramel frappes, iced chai lattes, matcha green tea smoothies, mocha frappes, Strawberry banana smoothies, oreo frappes and orange creamsicle smoothies. 

Located in Los Angeles, CA