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Industry Events Inc.
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25501 Narbonne Ave
Lomita, CA 90717
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Industry Events Inc. - Catering & Food

Because we represent a service business, the quality of our service will be our most important competitive advantage in the marketplace. In large measure , success will be determined by how well we meet our clients' needs.

Food is essential to the success of an event. We present the finest quality food arranged in festive styles to meet your party's needs, straight from own catering kitchen. Formal Sit Down Dinners, On Site Luncheons, Grilling & Barbecues, Station Buffets, Confectioneries, You name it, we can do it!

Let us magically transform the site you choose into an amazing setting with just the right ambiance. Inviting Entrances, Elaborate Centerpieces, Proper Lighting Effects, Creative Signs, Table Décor, Unique Props, Specialty Linens, Stage/Area Decor and much more.

A wide range of venues and locations are available in your local area. On-site at your business, Amusement Parks, Recreational Parks, Museums, Libraries, Entertainment Areas, and will obtain all permits and licenses required.

We accommodate all of our clients with top notch performers and entertainers in the industry. Variety Bands, DJs, Live Stage Productions, Musical Revues, Circus, Caroling Ensembles, Petting Zoo, Pony Rides, Karoke, Strolling Entertainers, Celebrity Look Alikes, Comics, Magicians, Clowns, and more.

A wide range of activities are available for all age groups. Carnival Booth Games with Prizes, Picnic Games, Contest with Prizes, Giant Inflatable Rides & Games, Giant Slides, Casino Gaming, Interactive Games, Mechanical Rides, Face Painting, Sporting Events, and Tournaments, just to name a few.

Located in Lomita, CA