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Inner Shot Specialty Coffee Catering
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Phoenix, AZ 85043
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Inner Shot Specialty Coffee Catering - Catering & Food

More than half of Americans drink coffee every day. Coffee is not only a refreshment. Coffee is a tradition that brings people together to share experiences and create memories. Coffee is always there to give you a shot of energy and get you through the day.

From the traditional espresso to the fancy caramel macchiato, coffee lovers are in for a delight. In addition to coffee, our menu extends to hot chocolate, teas, and refreshing smoothies. Our baristas provide an experience of exceptional service by handcrafting drinks that are unique to each of your guests. We use fresh coffee beans that are locally roasted to ensure the quality of our beverages. Whatever the occasion, Inner Shot coffee catering will delight your guests!


Our Arabica shade-grown coffee beans come from the Pacific Coast of Mexico. They are hand-picked, pesticide-free, and naturally watered by the mist of clouds. We buy our coffee directly from the farmers and the beans are locally roasted. 

Our baristas are passionate about service and quality. They have received training from the International Barista and Coffee Academy in Tempe, AZ.

Inner Shot has proudly been part of the Glendale Glitters festivals, Scottsdale Old Town Farmer's Market, Phoestivious, and First Friday in Downtown Phoenix.


Located in Phoenix, AZ