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Johnnie's Java
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Glendale , AZ 85302
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Johnnie's Java - Catering & Food

Our small beginnings began in 2007 with one small espresso/coffee cart and catering small events on a part time basis. Since then, we've doubled our coffee catering services and our company is a full-time passion and business.

We enjoy serving our clients' needs of which include weddings, birthday's, fundraising events, retirement parties and more just to name a few events.

Our current plan and dream is to be able to own many mobile coffee carts and or a Mobile coffee truck/trailer. Above is a picture of our first cart.

Our purpose and mission is:
· To provide excellent customer service with quality coffee catering services
· We care about our customers and their business needs
· We offer catering services 7 days a week, with hours between 5 am to midnight
· We love coffee it's our life's passion

Located in Glendale , AZ