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Lattes On Location
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San Pedro, CA 90732
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Lattes On Location - Coffee Catering in Los Angeles

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We offer custom coffee and cappuccino options suitable for your classic and fun wedding. Our highly skilled baristas maintain a certain level of professionalism so that your satisfaction is guaranteed. We provide you with not only outstanding customer service, but with a catering plan, as well. Our Baristas only use freshly-made ingredients to ensure the best product.

Our coffee options include a variety of items:

Espresso con Panna
Cafe lattes
Hot tea
Chai Tea Latte
Hot cocoa

We offer all our drinks with a choice of soy, nonfat, lowfat, and whole milk. Each item is made from our signature espresso machine. Our staff is more than willing to accommodate your special requests, as well.

In addition to coffee, we offer boba beverages, custom smoothies, a continental breakfast and/or afternoon desserts. 


Located in San Pedro, CA