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Party Personnel LLc
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West Milford, NJ 07408
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Party Personnel LLc - Catering Staff in NJ

Trust us to handle all the details from start to finish. Stay out of the kitchen and let us handle the work. With a cheerful, experienced wait staff, kitchen help, cooks, bartenders, and BBQ grill chefs our catering service will always have solution for you. Our staff will assist with heating and plattering food, handle garbage and recycling, restock drinks and ice, keep the party space neat and tidy, put food away at the end of the night, wash any dishes used, and clean-up the kitchen.

Our Services Include:
Preparing and heating food

BBQ grilling
Food prep

Table services
Liaison with client
All clean-up services
all banquet styles

We are able to work with your budget, theme and setting you envision in order to fulfill those dreams of yours. We'll coordinate every last detail, great and small, to create the wedding events and memories you will always cherish.


Located in West Milford, NJ