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Roxy's Ice Cream Food Truck

Ice Cream Truck, Ice Cream Catering, Novelty Ice Cream truck in Long Island, NY & surrounding areas.

1 (631) 445-1565
Contact: Elaine Piotrowski
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Oakdale , NY 11769
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Roxy's Ice Cream Food Truck - Ice Cream Truck in Long Islan, NY

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We believe that every wedding has to have cake and ice cream, so why not be unique and hire an ice cream truck for your wedding day? Whether you are having an outdoor wedding on a hot sunny day, or even an indoor wedding, we can accommodate you. An Ice Cream truck will make your wedding day that much more unforgettable. 

We have the nicest and cleanest food and ice cream trucks in Long Island. Our Ice Cream Truck is not just a typical Soft Serve Truck, we also offer huge shaved ice treats in big flower cups and 30 different varieties of prepackaged, frozen novelty ice creams. You get to choose your own flavor syrups for the shaved ice.

All of our portions are big, we'd say huge, compared to any other typical soft serve truck. We only utilize the best soft serve mixes and do not pump air into the ice cream. We charge per serving, not per hour and are available to stay till you tell us to go home. 


Deluxe Package - $6.50 Per Serving - 

$4.00 Per Serving - Cones Only
$5.50 Per Serving- no Shakes

-serving sizes are BIG and we require a minimum of 100 servings with a 50% deposit-

The menu includes:
30 Different Varieties of Novelty Ice Cream Bars
20 oz. Old Fashioned Thick Shakes
Deluxe Sundaes
20 oz. Root Beer & Floats
Shaved Ices Served in Big Flower Cups
Various syrups
(Shaved Ices include soft serve vanilla ice cream)



Other items we can include are candy, pretzels, assorted chips and beverages such as Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, Water and Gatorade.

Located in Oakdale , NY