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Royalty Staffing
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330 A Street ; ste 221
San Diego, CA 92101
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Royalty Staffing - Catering & Food

Royalty Staffing is a full-service staffing company that provides professional banquet, bar, kitchen, and event staff on an as-needed basis. In a timely and efficient manner, our temporary staffing services help you handle personnel shortages caused by large events, seasonal fluctuations, last minute orders, vacations, holidays and emergencies. We provide experienced staff for events of any size, at competitive rates. Professionally trained, hard working and personable, our staff goes the extra mile to ensure the success of your event.

Our temporary staffing services let you eliminate all of the expenses associated with recruiting, advertising, training, benefits and turnover. Since all personnel are Royalty Staffing employees, we handle all the paperwork involved in recruiting, payroll, worker’s compensation, and liability insurance, saving you valuable time and money.


What makes Royalty Staffing stand out from the competition?


Royalty Staffing has a singular focus – the hospitality industry. Our offices are managed by seasoned hospitality industry professionals – people who understand your business and can select the exact individuals to fit your needs.


All Royalty Staffing employees are interviewed and screened to create the most experienced, professional staff available. Employees are rated on experience, positive attitude, appropriate appearances, and current work references. Our professionals arrive at your event well trained, properly groomed and dressed, and ready to work – with a minimal amount of supervision required, increasing your overall efficiency.


All Royalty Staffing wants to exceed your expectations. Without our commitment to service excellence, our team will take all of the necessary steps to ensure your satisfaction. When we make commitment, we deliver.


Customer Service
Royalty Staffing wants to provide you with the best customer service possible. Your account manager is available 24/7 to meet your staffing needs. You can also expect regular follow up calls after our employees work with you. We want your feedback.


Competitive Rates
Royalty Staffing’s rates are very competitive. We’ll work to ensure your receive the best rates possible.

Located in San Diego, CA