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Santa Barbara Chocolate Fountains
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P.O. Box 23844
Santa Barbara, CA 93121
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Santa Barbara Chocolate Fountains - Catering & Food

You can’t imagine the thrill your guests will have when they dip their favorite piece of fruit in to a warm flow of cascading chocolate.If you are looking to add an elegant touch to your special event, Santa Barbara Chocolate Fountains is the right choice. Our Chocolate Fountains will have your guests talking for days. We use only the highest grade chocolate and the freshest fruits from the south coast.

Santa Barbara is one of the most beautiful locations to host an event in the entire ’re named after.

As a Santa Barbara native, I know how many thousands of prominent parties are celebrated here each ’s why I want the opportunity to make your next event an affair to remember. We specialize in serving Santa Barbara, Ventura and L.A. counties. My professional staff will provide a beautiful display specifically designed for your event. Whether it be a wedding, a birthday party, or a , using proper dipping technique, and fountain etiquette. -Leana Orsua, Owner

Facility Requirements

All that is required from the facility is a sturdy, level table that can hold 150 pounds. The table must be within 15 feet to an electrical outlet. The facility will also need to provide a table cloth that will match the decor of your event. It is recommended that an additional tablecloth be provided as a wrap around the base of the fountain for decorative purposes. We are happy to answer any questions you might have and are always ready to fill your requests immediately, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Located in Santa Barbara, CA