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Savor Coffee ~ Espresso & Coffee Catering
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Long Island, NY
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Savor Coffee ~ Espresso & Coffee Catering - Catering & Food

Service Styles:

Food Specialty:

From packaged aromatic raw coffee beans to assisting you with coffee equipment repair, we can cater to your coffee needs for your wedding day affairs. Our professional baristas are on call and always ready to create an elegant and unique experience for you. Our multi beverage experience is organized only with our gourmet premium coffee products.

We offer various packages that can be customized according to your needs. Our staff and on site barista will be attired to suit the theme of your event. From a black shirt with black pants, a polo shirt and kahki shorts or all white garments to tuxedos or even various costumes, we can dress to your accommodation.

We provide American drip coffee machines, espresso machines, Italian espresso pods and medium to dark roast coffees. We also offer different teas, sugars, flavored syrups, hot paper cups, sweeteners, and cream or milk.

We are not limited to just hot coffee; we actually offer an iced coffee dispenser, smoothies and slushes, as well. 


Can also contact: shawkat@

Located in Long Island, NY