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Blue Flame Caterings
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961 Wethersfield Ave. SO
Hartford, CT 06105
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Blue Flame Caterings - Catering & Food

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Full Service Wedding Planning & Catering
in Hartford, CT
Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life. Planning the wedding, however, can be filled with stress and frustration especially for the vegan couple. When it’s time to decide the menu, friends and family tend to polarize and get adamant about what food will and won’t be served. Suddenly, this event which is supposed to be about love and commitment is all about this one meal. If you are planning a vegan wedding, the food has to be amazing so your guests will all see how delicious vegan food can be. Whether you want an elegant dinner or just a big spread of your favorite foods, your wedding reception menu can be spectacular from the hors d’ouvres to the wedding cake. Whether you are cooking the food yourself or need ideas to give to your caterer.

Located in Hartford, CT