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Touch of Elegant Services LLC

Charlotte NC

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104 Kase Court
Mooresville, NC 28117
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Touch of Elegant Services LLC - Catering & Food

Service Styles:

ouch of Elegant Services

All Party & Event Staffing Service

 Certified and Insured

We are the only company that can add you to our liability insurance!!!!



Excellent Service at an Affordable Price



We Remove The Stress
So You Can Relax & Enjoy Your Guests!!!



Our staff consist of family,
close friends and personally trained,
hand picked people who can be trusted and are reliable



Our Staff consist of About 40+ reliable people



We Have The Most Staff
With The Most Experience,
With The Best Work Ethic.
We Believe The Client Is Always Right!!!







We Will Beat The Competitor's Price Guaranteed!!!

Located in Mooresville, NC