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Woodhaven Manor Caters and Banquet
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New York City, NY 11421
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Woodhaven Manor Caters and Banquet - Reception Locations & Venues

We are a unique venue that features 4 large rooms that can be converted into one space for even bigger events. We provide great services for all occasions from weddings and anniversaries to birthdays and bachelor parties. To insure you have a relaxed event, we will assist you in planning the entire thing. We offer free self-parking, or we can accommodate you with valet parking. There are 6 dressing rooms for you and your guests to stay prepared and always ready for what the evening has in store. We offer a buffet or sit-down menu choice with various International Cuisine items. Everyone deserves an event of their dreams, and we can deliver that at a very reasonable price. 

Located in New York City, NY