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Elite Balloon Design- Balloon Drops & Arches
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San Bernardino, CA 90723
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Elite Balloon Design- Balloon Drops & Arches - Decorations

Elite Balloon Design specializes in balloon decorating. Our balloon designers are noted for their cutting edge designs! Our creative designs add that "WOW"  factor to any room. We offer a wide variety of balloon decorations such as:

Balloon Arches, Columns Balloon, Drops Balloons with Lights, Balloon Sculptures, Balloon Canopies, Exploding Balloons, and Balloon Walls!

When it comes to professional balloon decorations you've found the right spot. You can choose from a fantastic selection of Balloon Arch Designs. At EBD, we don't shy away from creativing, cutting edge balloon designs. You will find the ultimate customized balloon arches, when we arrive to your next event!

When it comes to balloon columns they help "showcase" your event. Perfect for drawing attention to the stage or directing a path for the event. Balloon Columns are the popular balloon design we sell! They are affordable  and are perfect for indoor & outdoor balloon decoration. Columns are perfect for themed parties. Ask about our 2015 graduation columns.



Located in San Bernardino, CA