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DEW Scented Candles
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Dallas, TX 75044
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DEW Scented Candles - Decorations

DEW Scented Candles is a home-based business which provides lovely candles for wedding centerpieces. These pieces can include the bride and groom's name and wedding date or they can also be made for bridal gift bags!   

The bride can provide 3-4 candle fragrances she likes or I can provide some fragrances that we have used in the past. Some of these fragrances are:

Fresh Linen (a fresh clean scent)
Lavender (create  for your own "exhaling "relaxing" "bubble bath" "Spa" day)
Sweetheart Rose (smells like roses)
Gardenia (smells like a gardenia

As a gift, we provide a personalized wedding writing for the bride and groom.  The personalized writing is prepared in their wedding colors, decorated, and framed in a complimentary frame.  The writings come in an 11 x 14 frame.

The price of the personalized writings range from $35.95 to $52.95 depending on the materials required.

Located in Dallas, TX