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Destination Weddings

Turn your dream wedding into a grand destination wedding with the help of one of our wedding destination experts

Destination weddings - tips image

Destination weddings - tips

Destination weddings are ideal for couples who either want to totally get away or who just want close loved ones to attend their special day, who want to get away or have a specific connection to a place. Most resorts offer all-inclusive packages with so many options. If you want them to deal with everything from the welcome rehearsal dinner to a farewell breakfast, they can do but, fi there are elements you want to organize yourself, here are some tips. CHECK THE RULES FOR GETTING A MARRIAGE LI...

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For some, designing their own wedding at -home is a life-goal; for others, it is a life sentence. So, if you are determined to have a beautiful wedding but without the stress and the idea of having a tailor-made all-inclusive wedding at a remote idyllic location appeals to you, a destination wedding could be your wedding solution.

Although destination weddings sound extravagant, they are often much cheaper than the combined costs of a traditional wedding, reception and honeymoon and often include more in the service. You can make the event as simple or lavish as you wish, include no guests or just close family and friends and can combine the logistics for your honeymoon easily. A destination wedding doesn't necessarily have to be a beach or an island. Have you always wanted to walk through a Nordic forest like in ‘Lord of The Rings’? As snowboarding fans, do you want to wed on a mountaintop? The world is full of romance for those with eyes to see it.

Many second marriages prefer destination weddings as they are simple and private. They are a way of definitely stating: ‘This is us!’ and removing yourself from the drama that has previously defined your lives. Destination weddings are also on vacation time, unlike the hit-and-run meet and greet of typical weddings which can be hectic and leave you spinning - not always in ecstasy!

If you can leave behind your control freak, destination weddings are a fabulous way to embrace freedom - a time when you are not confined by your traditions and backgrounds and are free to finally make your own world and rules, which is what every marriage is really about.

A destination wedding will also define the before and after of your marriage and allows you to really focus on this intimate time together.